Xtreme Cheer Allstars  Policies ***PLEASE SEE CHANGES TO THE POLICIES***

1. Please arrive a few minutes early for your class.

2. Athletes may wear anything comfortable for clothing . We suggest no zippers, metal snaps or buttons, take out all jewelry. No acrylic/fake nails or jewelry can be worn during class or practices as it is a safety hazard. Tennis shoes should be worn for cheer class. Socks or barefoot is fine for tumbling classes.

3. Please send your child with a water bottle with their name on it for each class. Drinking fountains are currently closed, but water may be refilled in the sink. Water bottles can be purchased for $1 at the front desk.


1. Parents may drop off the athlete at the top front door. If parent is entering the building, masks must be worn at all times. In order to abide by spacing limitations,  we have to ask you to stay outside to wait for your child's class to end. For any first time athletes or trial classes, we will schedule times for their parents to watch their class until comfortable with enrollment.

2. Knock- (or wait behind a marked area) Staff member will open doors for you and will do a distanced temperature check while greeting your child.

3. Athlete will sanitize hands and shoes before entering the main gym area.

4. Place bag and water bottle in waiting area on a hook. Hooks and chairs will be distanced 6 feet apart. There are cubbies and hooks for bags, jackets, or water bottles. Please send as little as possible.

5. Athletes will  be required to wear masks while in the waiting areas or while stretching but not during physical exercise or lessons.

6. Before each class, athlete will wash hands in sink.

7. Our floors are sealed with an antimicrobial protective layer. All mats and equipment will be sanitized between classes and at the end of each night.

8. Class settings are kept to a 1 yo 10 ratio to provide smaller class settings.

9. When finished with your class or lesson, return to the waiting area, put on mask, and remove shoes. Put all items in your bag.

10.  Exit through back doors and staff member will give you hand sanitizer and make sure you get to your car/parent.

11. Parents should form a pick up line by the bottom of the stairs. Staff will make sure athletes get to their cars safely.

12. There is to be no other food or drinks brought into the gym at this time, your child may bring their own water bottle and place in a cubby or their own bag.

13. There will be no visitors at this time to classes.

14. If your child is young we will soon be setting up classes where 1 parent may attend with the child. The parent must wear a mask at all times and follow all protocols listed.

15. Please make sure that your child collects all belongings, anything left over after a week will be thrown away or donated.

16. If we are closed due to weather we will send an EMAIL and a TEXT, as well as post on our Band page and social media. You MUST sign up through the portal with a mobile number and check "opt-in" If you do not do this we will do it for you. This is the fastest way to let you know that we are closed for weather.
*** Please make sure to keep all information updated with us.*** It is also posted on our Facebook page Xtreme Cheer & Gymnastics- WE DO NOT CLOSE JUST BECAUSE SCHOOL IS CLOSED.

17. If you are absent from a class, you may make it up within 2 weeks, you will need to check with the front desk or email us to schedule your make up class. DO NOT SHOW UP FOR A CLASS WITHOUT SCHEDULING IT FIRST.

18. If you have any questions regarding your account please do not ask the coaches, they do not have that information, please direct those questions to Robin Goldsmith by emailing xcacheerkc@gmail.com
The coaches are dedicated to teaching the kids and do not handle individual accounts.

We are excited you have chosen XCA to enhance your cheer or tumbling skills! We are excited to serve you and will continue working hard to keep your family safe!

If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with us. You can reach us at xcacheerkc@gmail.com or by calling or texting 816-529-3930