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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling classes are designed to teach gymnastics skills and tumbling by progression. Classes will be split between coaches by age and skill. Sessions run year round. Prices listed below. Discounts are given for multiple class enrollment and siblings.

BEGINNER  * Body control work * Straddle, Pike, Hollow jump on trampoline * Forward roll -Standup * Cartwheel  * Roundoff rebound  * Push into bridge up * Backwards into a backbend from standing * Backbend working to kick over * Backward roll  * Walk on toes on beam * Kicks and dip on beam  * Forward roll on vault * Handstand

INTERMEDIATE * Has mastered all beginner skills* Roundoff with good rebound onto mat* Backbend from standing with kickover* Back walkover with foot out* Front limber and walkover * Handstand split * Handstand on beam * Cartwheel on beam* Leaps on beam* Roundoff / front handspring on vault* Back handsprings * Roundoff back handsprings

ADVANCED  * Has mastered all beginner and intermediate skills  * Backhandspring series  * Backtucks * Layouts  * Combination backward skills * Front punch flip onto vault  * Full twisting skills on trampoline  * Back walkover on beam 

Private Lessons Available, Contact us for Details

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