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XCA offers competitive teams for all ages and levels.  Pricing and practice dates differ between ages and levels.  We offer different types of CHEER teams such as Elite National Teams, Prep/Competition Teams, Novice Teams and FUNdamentals Cheer Classes at XCA .  Email  if interested. 


Elite Nationals Teams

Elite National Cheer teams have 2/3 hour practices 2 nights a week with approximately 7-9 competitions. Some close travel and intent on earning bids to National Events. 


Prep/Competition Teams

Prep/Comp teams practice have 2 hour practices 1 or 2 nights a week with approximately 5 local competitions.

Novice Teams 

Novice teams will have 1.5 hour class once a week with 2-3 local competitions or performances.


FUNdamentals Cheer Class

FUNdamentals cheer class will have a 45 minutes class once a week to learn cheer/dance motions, jumps, stunting, flexibility and workouts.  No competitions or performances.


Tumbling Class

Tumbling class will have a 45 minute minute class once a week to learn gymnastics skills, body control, flexibility, work outs and all level tumbling skills.


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