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Frequently Asked Questions

When are tryouts?

*Pop Up Clinics May 6th-16th

*Tryouts May 19th and 20th

*Evaluation Practices May 21st-30th

*June 1st Teams Announcements

Can my athlete get involved before tryouts?

* Yes! We will be offering cheer, tumbling, and private classes year round. We will also have some pop up classes specific for new skills May 6th-16th.

Can my athlete try out for "that" team?

* At XCA, our teams ages and levels change each season. We never know what type of teams we will have until after tryouts. Teams are formed according to how many athletes in those specific age groups, match in level, and have the same competitive mindset.


What types of teams do you offer?

* We offer many teams for each level and interest. Fundamental teams are beginner teams that perform just for FUN! Novice teams are less competitive and have one night of practice per week, providing a lower cost, but still compete.  Prep and Elite are the same but offer a different scoring grid and prep sometimes has a little schedule. All teams are offered and parents are able to submit their interest in teams before tryouts.


What are tryouts like?

* We will offer one day of tryouts where athletes come in with a group and show their tumbling, jumps, and flexibility. This will first allow us to see what age groups we have interested in our teams and then place them in evaluation practices.


What does my child need to know to prepare?

* Nothing! We loved to offer teams for the most beginner athlete to the most advanced.  They don't need to know any cheer or tumbling skills for tryouts. They are welcome to show us their skills but all team placement decisions will be formed throughout evaluation practices.


What are evaluation practices like?

* Athletes will be split by age and tumbling skill. Athletes will also be moved around and grouped with many different combinations of other athletes while practicing.  During these weeks we will form stunt groups, work on motions and dance timing, tumbling timing and overall performance to help us form the best teams possible!


Will my child get a chance to try flying?

* During our evaluation practices, any athlete who is interested, will be given the opportunity to try flying on their age group. Remember that all positions on competitive teams are important.


Do you offer classes to help advance my athletes skill level?

* Yes!! We offer weekly classes for tumbling, flying, stunting, flexibility, and all around cheer! We also offer private lessons to help fast track skills and help individual progress.


How much is tuition and what is included?

* At XCA our tuition is included in your overall cost for the entire season. We add up everything you'll need for one season including practices, camps, practice attire, uniforms, comp fees, awards, and much more. Then we split it up per month so you can easily budget and know the cost per team, per season. We are one of the only local gyms who offers all inclusive tuition and our team families love it!


Do you offer privates or other lessons as well?

* Of course! All extra classes or private lessons are available on our website at and can be booked under "what we offer".


Do parents watch practices or privates?

* We offer parent watch nights once a month for teams and classes. This is so our teams have the ability to focus on learning and bond with each other and their coaches.


Are you getting new uniforms this coming year?

*Yes!  We will be getting new uniforms for the 2024-2025 season.


Will we use any of the same items from last season?

* Yes! Practice wear, shoes, and bows will all be the same, meaning returning athletes will be able to re-use or re-sell for a lower cost season.


How many competitions do the teams attend?

* Depending on the team, most novice or prep teams compete around 4-5 times from Novemeber to May. Prep and Elite can sometimes compete around 8-10 times from Nov-May.


When are  camps?

*Choreography Camp will be July 23rd-28th

Do you have a booster club?

* We do not have a booster club. All payments and fundraisers go directly through the gym and many fundraisers are offered but not required.


Is there a discount for paying in advance?

* We do offer a discount if you pay for the season in full by July 1st.


Are you a D1 or D2 gym?

* Currently, we are a D2 gym, which means we have less than 125 prep and elite athletes. No matter the number of athletes, we strive to create a fun, family, atmosphere where are teams and families have a unique bond and create memories together!


What makes XCA unique?

* At XCA, we are a family ran program. We will love your child and treat them as our own. We strive to TEACH your athlete everything they need to know about physical cheer skill but most importantly, about life skills. We hope that each athlete and family that has ever been a part of our program, creates memories and friendships that last forever.

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